May 2011

Miramonte HOA Board Meeting Agenda

Introduction of new board:

President:                    Brenda Barron                       

Vice Pres                     Jim Eidson                 

Secretary                     Hiwatha Henry          

Treasurer                     Jamie Marciante         

Parliamentarian           Michelle Bergeron      

ACC                            Danila Mitchell          

  • New Business
    • Roles and Responsibilities of each board member
    • Meeting Schedule (every 2 months)
    • Events Committee- Upcoming events (yard sale, block party, holidays, decorations)
    • Treasurer Report
    • Website Update – Jennifer and Danila
  • Old Business  
    • ACC Update
    • Landscape
    • Merging of third phase
    • Rome and Golden- collections
  • Any open items
  • Close

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