Events Committee

Role of the Events Committee
Our very creative Event Committee has the pleasure of planning an array of activities and events that encourage the participation and support of every neighbor, of all ages. They host everything from the annual yard sale to the summer block party as well as holiday activities that are especially fun for kids like; a visit from Santa, the Easter Bunny with an amazing egg hunt, Fall Hay rides, etc. There is plenty for the adults to do too; like a women's night out, men's night out, golf outings, bowling, sporting events, couples night out, holiday dinners, group babysitting, etc. There is no limit to the possibilities of how much fun we can have.

If you'd like to join this new committee or would like to share some of your great ideas, we'd love to hear from you. Don't miss out on the fun and entertainment, check out the Association News section of our site for current activities and upcoming calendar items.


John Craig
Shelli Stephens
Samuel Elscoe


Care Committee

Role of the Care Committee
It is the goal of the Care Committee to provide good will and emergency assistance to our HOA members, as needed. This would include but not be limited to welcoming new members to the neighborhood upon moving in, providing food or care in a time of bereavement, checking on someone who is ill, etc. It is another way of showing that our community cares about and respects one another.

Each person

Members: Currently seeking volunteers



Audit Committee

Responsibility is to examine books and records from Treasurer, annually, to make sure the interests of the Homeowners Association are protected from any possible misappropriation of funds and similar activity.

Members: Currently seeking volunteers



Camera Committee

Responsibility is to examine camera footage in the event of any criminal activity in the community.

Members: Currently seeking volunteers

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